Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can salt from the softener get in my house?

A: If the system is working properly, no. The softener goes in bypass when using salt. 

Q: Do you install (systems or parts) that I didn't buy from Discount Water Supply?

A: we do not install parts or systems that are bought from somewhere else because of liability. 

Q: How long will my media last?

A: That depends on the quality of water your treating and how much water you us. A good average is 3 years for the carbon and 5 years for the resin.

Q: How often should I drain my retention tank?

A: Every month you should drain it. You should also clean your chlorine injector at this time while your system is depressurized 

Q: How can I tell if my water system is working properly?

A: A simple water test will tell you exactly how it's doing. Also, your nose knows best. If your water has odor, there is a problem. 

Q: Why does my hot water smell bad?

A: Electric water heater tanks have a part called an Anode Rod. Its job is to corrode so the tank does not. It must be periodically replaced. If you don't, the water will stink. If you have well water, you must obtain an Anode rod specifically for well water. Contact your water heater manufacturer for details. The phone number is on your tank. 

Q: Do you provide any type of monthly inspections?

A: we do monthly services depending on the water system you have. 

Q: Do you provide any type of water testing?

A: yes we do water testing. we can come to you or bring us your water. In store we test for sulfur, hardness and iron.